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Helping leaders get what they want with a uniquely direct and energetic approach

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What We Offer

We offer bespoke coaching services for executives, teams, and leaders. We ask provocative questions to help you solve your key business challenges. We're your partner, sounding board and potentially your secret weapon to handling the most important part of your role; leadership.

What we don't do is provide advice, counsel, or tell you what you want to hear. Instead, we'll encourage you to reflect on your own experiences, explore your potential, and develop a sense of accountability for your own growth and development.

Executive Coaching

Tailored to senior executives and leaders who need a trusted sounding board to help navigate the most pressing challenges. Having a one-to-one coaching relationship can be extremely beneficial for leaders who face complex and high-stakes situations. The goal is to develop new strategies, build resilience, and manage stress while maintaining a clear focus.

Team Coaching

Focuses on building stronger relationships between leaders and their teams. The combination of individual and group coaching can help foster a collaborative and supportive environment that promotes growth and development.

360-degree feedback sessions can provide leaders with valuable insights into their own leadership style and the challenges their team faces. 

Individual Coaching and Advising

Bi-weekly coaching sessions designed to support new leaders as they navigate the challenges and responsibilities that come with a new role. New leaders face unique challenges such as building relationships with their team, establishing their leadership style, and managing change. We provide a safe and supportive space to explore these challenges, develop new skills, and build confidence.

Who We Are

We are coaches, advisors and consultants that have seen great leaders change the trajectory of a career and a team in a positive way.

We're true believers in the practice of coaching and we're inviting you to learn more about yourself. Check out our team and see who might be the best fit for you.

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Jay Bowden

Jay brings a passion for coaching thanks to the great coaches he's worked with over his career. He chose 'JayBird Unlimited' to show his appreciation for the power of positive reinforcement. As a young little league baseball player one of his coaches called him 'JayBird' and every time he heard it he felt supported. Jay's goal is to help people build confidence and find success in their professional and personal lives.

Stacey Kulongowski
Executive, team and life coach

Stacey brings a fresh approach to coaching and has a broad range of programs she can engage with you on. Check her out!

David Sandler
Facilitator Extraordinare

David is truly an amazing facilitator whether it's 5 or 50 people he brings the energy and competence to engage your audience. Check him out!

Kara Gabay
Team and Group coach

Kara's unique focus is team/group coaching to help leaders learn what the team thinks and where the challenges are. She's awesome one on one also. 

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 Why We Do What We Do

Because we believe in the power of leadership and the importance of confidence in achieving success. We believe everyone has the potential to reach their next level, and we're here to provide a balanced approach of coaching and advising to help you get there. We see ourselves as sounding boards, partners, and tough question-askers. Oh, and we do it because it's fun and rewarding for both sides.



We value the feedback and perspective of our clients. Check out the progress they've seen from our time together.

Tech People Manager

Jay has been an amazing coach as he challenged me and kept me accountable on my career aspirations. Instead of giving his direct advice around a particular topic, he successfully enabled me to solve difficult problems by arriving at my own conclusions.  His sessions greatly helped me to build my confidence as I pivoted my career from sales to a technical ladder; where he helped me articulate my impact at the right altitude to new audiences.

SaaS Sales Leader

Over the course of a few months Jay coached me through updating my resume and LinkedIn profile and provided tremendous guidance on how to position myself as I embarked on the networking and interviewing process. Jay is creative, authentic, and brings many years of Leadership experience, all of which helped me as I navigated a transition in my career and got the job I was hoping for.

Start-Up Operations leader

As a young executive in a fast-growing startup, I was struggling to keep up with the challenges and obstacles of leading and growing a high-performing team. Jay has been an incredible mentor and guide, helping me develop the management and leadership skills I need to be successful in my role. Beyond that, Jay has also become a trusted confidant who I can turn to for fresh perspective and insights on the big decisions I need to make. Working with Jay has been invaluable to my professional growth.

Tech Business Leader

Jay coached me through thinking more strategically about how to effectively position myself for a promotion and guided me towards putting an action plan in place to get there. I ultimately got the promotion and subsequently used that as a jumping off point to move into a more rewarding role. Jay's coaching was invaluable and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to grow and evolve their career.

Digital Agency CEO

'Compare yourself to who you were yesterday - not who someone else is today.'

Jay has helped me realize the simple brilliance of this concept - and how empowering it can be to just focus on yourself, question your own beliefs - in positive ways, and raise your success in small, meaningful, quantifiable steps that make the journey the actual win, and the destination a foregone conclusion. 

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Our clients work at these companies...

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