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About Stacey...

Stacey Kulongowski is Founder & CEO of The BND Group. She's an ACC Certified Executive Coach and graduate of The Hudson Institute of Coaching. She has 25 years of experience in building, leading and coaching high performing leaders and teams and is passionate about empowering executives to navigate challenging career intersections and realizing levels of success they never thought possible.


She is a former Director at Google where she built, trained and led large high performing sales teams across North America for 13 years. During this journey, she gained deep experience leading global DEI initiatives, leadership and development training, mentoring and coaching through employee resource groups and women's groups.


Prior to working at Google, Stacey navigated a successful career in advertising spanning across 15 years, 12 cities across the US, and a diversification of teams, clients and industries. 


The common thread through all this experience has been, and will continue to be, the passion for building others up through coaching so that they can live fully in the best version of themselves.


Stacey is a keynote speaker on building confidence, creating strong habits and crafting a strong and sustainable vision for your life. She is a personal development fanatic and writer and is dedicated to sharing her learnings to lift others up on their journey. 


Stacey’s coaching approach focuses on her clients’ full selves and leading them from behind to unlock life changing realizations and actions. Her coaching is deep rooted in trust and vulnerability and she leverages an incredible set of tools from both her own life experiences as well applied learnings from The Hudson Institute. She can work individually with leaders as well as lead team or group sessions focused on collaboration and synergies. Stacey regularly pulls in an impressive bench of partner coaches to help facilitate, coach and scale for large clients.

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